Do you have to be in Marching Band? 

No, we do not require participation in marching band; however; we expect all to participate in marching band. It is part of our curriculum structure. Most students who do not march usually do not continue with band or are as successful in band as the members who participate in marching band. 

Do you have to be in a class? 

YES. All band members (this includes, guard and percussion) are required to be in a band class for the full year. 

 How are the fees determined?

 Fees are determined by taking the total cost of the band budget and divided up by the expected amount of members. The budget is made up of equipment, creative, instructional and administrative expenses. The highest line item for the budget is instruction for the students. 

My family cannot afford the fees, can I still participate? 

YES! The band program will work with all families and will not keep a student/child from participating in the program due to fees and fee payments. The needs MUST be communicated before a decision is made to not participate! 

Does band or marching band limit my student academically? 

With hard work, band will be a positive influence on your academics. Band encourages you to remain consistent in the classroom and maintain good attendance. In past years , most of the best academic students have been in band. 

Do I have to provide my own instrument? 

Flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet and trombone usually provide their own instruments. Percussionist must provide their own mallets and sticks (see handbook). Larger instruments such as Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Tuba, Horn,  Euphonium, Drums and Mallet instruments are available through the band program. 

How much should my child be practicing every day? 

We expect all members to practice 45 minutes to an hour everyday outside of rehearsals and class. 

Should my child take private lessons?

Yes. Although not mandatory, private lessons provide the very important individual instruction from a professional musician that is need for them to achieve the highest level of performance possible during their high school career. Most all students who receive scholarships to perform in college are students who have been taking privately as well as students who have been selected for All-State and District Honor Band! 

When are All-State and District Honor Band Auditions? 

1st Round auditions are usually the first or second weekend in December. Second round auditions are usually the 2nd weekend in January. Sign up for auditions occurs in September 

Can I pick up my child from a performance off campus? 

Yes. The student must not leave until he or she has been dismissed by a director. The student must be released to the parent/guardian in person to one of the Directors.