Members who participate in the South Forsyth Jazz Band develop musicianship and specific performance skills through group and individual settings for the study and performance of the varied styles of instrumental jazz. The instruction includes the study of the history, formative, and stylistic elements of jazz. Students develop their creative skills through: improvisation, composition, arranging, performing, listening, and analyzing. Instruction is designed so that students are enabled to connect, examine, imagine, define, try, extend, refine, and integrate music study into other subject areas.

In late November auditions are held for the seats in the South Forsyth Jazz Band.  This ensemble will employ the standard big-band instrumentation of saxophones (doubling on clarinet and/or flute preferably), trumpets, trombones, drum set, an auxiliary percussionist, piano, guitar, bass, and vibes.  Participants in this ensemble must have strong performance and sight-reading skills, as well a desire to learn the theory and technique of jazz improvisation, an integral part of the jazz idiom.  Participation in the jazz band is contingent upon the student being currently enrolled in a band class.  Exceptions can be made for rhythm section players(piano, guitar, bass guitar).  The jazz ensemble will rehearse weekly after school in preparation for community concerts, elementary and middle school recruiting concerts. 

Students are provided with opportunities to experience live performances by professionals during and outside of the school day. Some of time outside of the school day may be scheduled for dress rehearsals and performances. In addition, some public performances may serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and music goals.