South Forsyth Music Conservatory (SFMC)

A successful band program consists of several elemental factors working in a perfect balance to create what we know as the superior band program. In order to achieve a level of this nature, all aspects of program must be studied and constantly improved. We are currently concentrating our efforts on our instrumental private lesson program. Our concept of this program is to offer opportunities and strongly encourage students at the middle school and high school level to study their instruments on an applied level with a private instructor. We assure students that participation in this program will increase the band’s performance level exponentially.

Why Private Lessons

When you think about it, band students receive very little independent instruction during school. Band classes in almost every case are quite large and class periods are short and opportunities for one-on-one interaction between student and teacher are minimal. Private study on one’s instrument offers an opportunity to explore new ideas and learn new concepts unique to their particular instrument as well as building a stronger fundamental foundation.